Your loved one’s final journey

Your loved one’s final journey towards their resting place can be a moment of huge significance. Many people opt for a traditional hearse with floral arrangements. For this, our saloon motor hearse and Mercedes limousines, each able to carry up to six people, are often the perfect choice.

Other people wish to personalise the funeral procession to reflect the character of the person who has passed away. For more personalised funerals, options range from horse-drawn carriages to vintage hearses and a wide range of bespoke and unusual transport options.

Please let us know your requirements for transport and we will do all we can to assist, including helping you to think about how many vehicles you will need, whether you would like to follow the hearse in a funeral procession and what route you would like the procession to take. Whatever you choose, we will organise the practicalities, ensuring your transport fits seamlessly into the funeral plan.

“The final journey can be a poignant part of the funeral and families often choose to make this more personal by selecting a particular route that passes by a favourite place or view, or by opting for a vehicle that reflects the life, passions or character of their loved one.”

Funeral procession

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    • Simply a quick note to thank you both. The family were delighted with every aspect of the funeral – even how you all managed to avoid the heavy rain that we were enduring here! So as I say, thank you – your assistance is greatly appreciated.
    • I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you & all your team for the way you handled Rosemary’s funeral last week. It made the day that little bit more manageable.
    • You can be proud of Charlie to know that everything ran smoothly for Ray’s funeral service and Lauren and I were very pleased with the result. Thank you also for arranging the most beautiful floral arrangements. I’m drying the foliage as it dies and arranging it as an Autumn display.